Science Behind Homeopathy – How Homeopathy Works

Science Behind Homeopathy – How Homeopathy Works

Homeopathic system of medicine is the second largest practiced system of medicine and has gained a universal popularity because of its scientificity, effectivity, and easier applicability.

But at the same time, it has been dragged as one of the most controversial systems of medicine due to various aspects like dilution, potentization etc. This is the reason why it is being questioned constantly for scientific proofs. Here and then we see allegations against Homeopathy, usually based upon evidence and modus operandi.

Below Documentary video – Science Behind Homeopathy by Dr. Saurav Arora, founder of Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy is an attempt to scientifically answer many queries like dilution, dynamization, mode of action, transfer of biological information, physicochemical properties, etc.

This is the most updated work purely based upon the peer-reviewed scientific publications dedicated to fundamental research in high dilution and homeopathy.

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