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Homeopathy works on real, live patients, not on test tubes. If you understand homeopathy, you’ll understand why.

That patients get better from homeopathy there is no doubt, the evidence is there in the patients themselves. The complaint so often presented though is that this is anecdotal evidence and therefore somehow not valid. I find it extraordinary that in a world where the majority entrust their very soul’s welfare to beliefs based on anecdotal evidence (religious and spiritual experiences and beliefs), the same majority will not allow anecdotal evidence for their medical welfare!

I really couldn’t care less whether homeopathy is ‘scientific’ or not, nor could I care less whether it can be repeated in test tubes. Bear in mind that those systems (‘scientific’, double blind trials etc.) are the same ones that condone those very drugs that you read about with fairly consistant frequency in the papers, which have been removed from service having been found to be more dangerous than beneficial, or to be worse than placebo (e.g. the recent report on antidepressants having no clinical benefit). All those drugs were sanctioned by exactly the same system that naysayers want to subject homeopathy to!

No matter how homeopathy works, what I do care passionately about is that people get to see it work and do not throw it away like an uncut diamond in the hands of a gardener, i.e. no value is seen in it because it doesn’t look like what we expect.

I care that people do not dismiss it out of hand purely because they cannot understand how it works, or because it does not fit into an understanding they already have of medicine; one which is limited by systems that are simply not applicable to homeopathy. Those very systems that people try to fit homeopathy into, are often the very reason why patients come to see homeopaths in the first place because it is those systems which have failed the patient, i.e. their doctors couldn’t do any thing for them, yet homeopaths often can and do.

If something so patently effective by its results (and so very safe) is dismissed by those who may have medical or social status but no expertise in the field of homeopathy, the losers are not only the patients but the countries’ health budgets. Homeopathy is extremely cheap compared to conventional Western medicine.

The arguements against homeopathy cannot be justified on the grounds that it doesn’t work.Those who have personally benefitted from or who have studied homeopathy will understand why such antagonism as appears in the media is entirely unjustified.

Instead of starting from the position that ‘homeopathy can’t work therefore it doesn’t’; why not take the position that ‘patients are cured when they go to see homeopaths so let’s investigate how this happens’?

Proof of the pudding?

It’s good to question, it’s OK to doubt, much better to explore, and really great to actually study:
– what is not good is blind dismissal from misconceptions and half formed lopsided arguments.

*New …- what is downright peurile is the recent media charades where the anti-homeopathy brigade swallowed whole bottles of ‘homeopathic’ remedies outside Boots the Chemists to demonstrate that there was ‘nothing’ in them: again underlining not only their ignorance ( it has nothing to do with ‘quantity’) but the silly lengths they will go to to persuade the public their opinion should be validated.

Homeopathy FAQ’s


Curing with similars

This is a similar idea to that of vaccinations; by providing the body with a ‘taster’ of the disease, it prompts the body to create resistance but unlike vaccinations, homeopathy is given not just as a preventative, but most often as a remedy to an existing condition.

When taking homeopathic medicine, you are effectively kick-starting your body into fighting the problem itself by giving your immune system the necessary information to do so. This gentle approach has many obvious advantages and is able to offer a response tailored to your specific symptoms.

What does curing with ‘similars’ mean?

.. it means using a substance that could cause a similar problem to cure the problem, e.g. in a condition where the skin had symptoms that looked and felt like a nettle sting even though it wasn’t (e.g. urticaria), Nettle might be used homeopathically because the effects of nettle are ‘similar’.

Why would this actually cure the ‘similar’ problem?

The genius of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, was to discover that when made susceptible by illness our bodies do indeed react to the homeopathic remedy as if it were actually causing a similar problem. Thus our system safely cures itself by this reaction, because the remedy it has been given is similar to the disease.

What does the medicine contain ?

Although there are thousands of different remedies, the carrier for them is usually the same, homeopathic medicines are usually in the form of small sugar pills. These sugar bases carry the individual prescribed remedy. This is created by potentising it; i.e. repeatedly diluting it down so that less than trace elements of the substance, which can be anything from an everyday plant to a rare mineral, remain. Fortunately, the body is naturally so sensitive when ill that it is able to respond to these otherwise undetectable amounts.

Is it safe ?

Although homeopathic medicines should be kept away from children and not taken unprescribed, it is impossible to suffer a toxic overdose. Homeopathy is equally safe for children, the elderly, seriously ill, even newly born babies, for this reason it is also particularly suitable for people who are in a very fragile state.

Giving a dose of the wrong remedy (i.e. an un-homeopathic remedy) does nothing because it is so dilute and unless it is similar (homeopathic) to the disease the body has no susceptability to it and therefore no reaction.

Homeopaths use specially prepared highly dilute (and therefore safe) substances called ‘potentised’ remedies.
It is safe because the remedy is so dilute that there is no possibility of a toxic reaction.

What ailments can it be used for ?

Homeopathy is a holistic system which can be extremely beneficial to a vast range of physical and emotional problems.

Examples include;

In theory there is no limit to what conditions homeopathy could treat; in practice it depends on the experience of the practitioner and also the laws in different countries limiting what can be treated.

While treatment for some problems is complex and requires detailed diagnosis and prescription by a qualified homeopath, there are many complaints for which homeopathic medicine can be simply, safely and effectively self-prescribed.. E.g remedies like Arnica (for bruises) are especially useful for a first aid box and can be purchased in most chemists.

What does treatment involve ?

Treatment should always be with a homeopath who is Registered with a member of CORH and who holds a recognised qualification.(depends on country). This ensures that he or she will have completed a 3 or 4 year professional course and be fully qualified and accredited to practice.

At your first appointment your homeopath will want to know about your past illnesses, even seemingly unrelated emotional or physical difficulties you have been experiencing, in addition to the details of the problem which has caused you to seek advice. From this, your homeopath will be able to build a detailed and personal picture of the possible causes, course and personality of your ailment and will subsequently prescribe your medicine.

It is usual that after taking the remedy for a specified amount of time, you report back to your homeopath who will then advise you on what next to take. Appointments are usually person to person but can be over the telephone (often useful for emergencies), sometimes even in your home should you be too ill to leave the house.

Does Homeopathy work?

If you know nothing about homeopathy it may a strange idea when first encountered – but it really does work

Homeopathy will work only if applied according to homeopathic principles, this is why it is so important to understand the basics of homeopathy and its difference to other forms of medicine before trying to use it.

What is ‘allopathy’?

Homeopathy is much more akin in its philosophy to that of Eastern medicine than it is to that of Western medicine, but in lieu of acupuncture, shiatzu, moxibustion etc , homeopathy uses its potentised remedies to stimulate the system to heal itself..

The principle of ‘similars’ contrasts with the principle of ‘opposites’ (allopathy) used by conventional Western medicine:

e.g. Western medicine uses something to prevent a skin condition by suppressing it with an agent (coal tar products, steroids based creams etc) that is an opposite to the problem, thus preventing the body’s reaction, whereas homeopathy uses something that could cause a similar condition, to get the body to react curatively itself, i.e. non-suppressive

Homeopathy & Nanomedicine in Chronic Disease and Immune Disorders – Dana Ullman

Homeopathy & Nanomedicine in Chronic Disease and Immune Disorders – Dana Ullman

Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH presents “Homeopathy & Nanomedicine in Chronic Disease and Immune Disorders” on October 16, 2014 at Palo Alto, CA.

DANA ULLMAN, MPH, CCH, is one of America’s leading advocates for homeopathy. He has authored 10 books, including The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy, Homeopathy A-Z, Homeopathic Medicines for Children and Infants, Discovering Homeopathy, and (the bestselling) Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines (with Stephen Cummings, MD). Dana also authored an ebook that is a continually growing resource to 200+ clinical studies published in peer-review medical journals testing homeopathic medicines. This ebook combines the descriptions of these studies with practical clinical information on how to use homeopathic medicines for 100+ common ailments. This ebook is entitled Evidence Based Homeopathic Family Medicine, and it is an invaluable resource. Dana has been certified in classical homeopathy by the leading organization in the U.S. for professional homeopaths.

Dana Ullman is the founder of Homeopathic Educational Services, America’s leading resource center for homeopathic books, tapes, medicines, software, and correspondence courses. Homeopathic Educational Services has co-published over 35 books on homeopathy with North Atlantic Books. Dana writes a regular column for the wildly popular website, www.huffingtonpost.com (to access these articles, go to www.huffingtonpost.com/dana-ullman).

Read the newsletter at

Visit the Silicon Valley Health Institute (aka Smart Life Forum) at

Silicon Valley Health Institute – Smart Life Forum

Silicon Valley Health Institute Smart Life Forum Palo Alto

You won’t believe what happens when Science Babe swallows 50 homeopathic sleeping pills.

You won’t believe what happens when Science Babe swallows 50 homeopathic sleeping pills.

Learn what homeopathic remedies are and how they interfere with public health by existing side-by-side in the largest drugstore chains in America. Sign the petition to have homeopathic remedies removed from the shelves of CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid and help put an end to these stores misleading the public on what is real medicine and what is not:

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Extreme Homeopathy – INFAMOUS

Extreme Homeopathy – INFAMOUS

10 years ago, Derren’s father was told that he had cancer. A friend told him that he should try Homeopathy. Derren demonstrates how and why it doesn’t work, in a extreme way.

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होमिओपथी इलाज के बारे में जानकारी: About Homeopathy Treatment in Hindi

होमिओपथी इलाज के बारे में जानकारी: About Homeopathy Treatment in Hindi

Homeopathic treatment in Hindi. होमियोपैथी से काफी सारी बीमारियाँ ठीक हो पति है, लेकिन सभी बीमारियाँ ठीक नहीं हो सकती. डॉक्टर राजेश शाह अपने २५ साल के तजुर्बे से समझाते है की कौनसी बीमारियाँ ठीक नहीं हो सकती. Homeopathy can treat different kinds of ailments, but it cannot treat all ailments, find more on homeopathic treatment.

Does homeopathy actually work? Science explains the surprising results!

Does homeopathy actually work? Science explains the surprising results!

At ScIQ, our wonderful Producer Yoahan is from Indonesia, and every time she gets sick, her mother gives her Chinese herbs – a homeopathic remedy. Around the world, millions of people use homeopathy to treat everything, from sinus infection to stress. But does homeopathy really work? We did a ScIQ investigation to bring you the science behind homeopathy!

But first, a Homeopathy 101:
Homeopathy is an alternative medical practice. The idea of homeopathy is that a tiny amount of a toxin that causes a problem can also fix the problem – the same idea behind vaccines. For example, Poison Ivy causes a rash, so a small amount of Ivy toxin could cure a rash.

The thing is, when we say a small amount, we mean a REALLY small amount. Homeopathy uses extremely dilute amounts of natural toxins, often so dilute to have any effect on the body whatsoever. There’s been literally hundreds of studies of homeopathy, and almost uniformly, the studies find homeopathic remedies doesn’t any better than a placebo. There are ZERO good-quality, well-designed studies with enough participants for a meaningful result that have reported either that homeopathy caused greater health improvements than placebo.

Problems can also arise from the toxin being too strong and actually causing harm. A 2012 report by the American Association of Poison Control Centers listed 10,311 reported cases of poisoning related to homeopathic treatments – shockingly 8,788 cases were attributed to young children five and under (likely indicating adult doses were being given to children, whose bodies could not fight the toxin). The 2012 report also detailed cases of harm – including deaths – that would have been prevented had the patients chosen conventional medicine over homeopathy.

In 2012, a review published in the Journal of Clinical Practice, found that “homeopathy has the potential to harm patients and consumers in both direct and indirect ways”. One of the reviewers highlighted the real problem behind ‘alternative’ medicine; “if used as an alternative to an effective cure, even the most ‘harmless’ treatment can become life-threatening”. Even the World Health Organization have warned people against using homeopathy!

But overall, the main reason we know that homeopathy doesn’t work, is that if it did work, it wouldn’t be ‘alternative medicine’ anymore. It would be normal medicine. Doctors and scientists search every avenue to find things that work, and often they find that unusual treatments (like injecting cow pox to cure small pox) actually works. When they discover something works, they adopt it. So if Homeopathy showed real results, it would have already been adopted by mainstream medicine by now, even if we didn’t understand it’s mechanism.
Any substance (other than food) that has demonstrable results on the body in the prevention or cure of disease, and can make legal claims about it’s effectiveness, is legally a drug.

So why do people continue to pay for homeopathic treatment?
Well, there are those who say; “I was sick, I did homeopathy, and now i’m fine?”
And in many countries, private health insurance pays for homeopathic treatment – so it must be effective, right?

Well, science has shown that homeopathy is no more effective THAN A PLACEBO – but in many cases, the placebo itself is somewhat effective. The therapeutic effect of the consultation ― the care, concern, and reassurance a patient experiences when opening up to a compassionate caregiver, can have a positive effect on the patient’s well-being.
Advocates of homeopathy point out that doctors rarely have time to properly listen to and treat a patient. The sheer act of listening, testing, and treating a patient with understanding and compassion may have therapeutic benefits in itself – just as a placebo does.

So the homeopathic treatments itself don’t necessarily work – but homeopaths continue to serve a function in society.

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Top 5 Homeopathic remedies for hair loss video – Homeomart.com

Top 5 Homeopathic remedies for hair loss video – Homeomart.com

We present the top 5 Homeopathic herbs and products for Hair loss in this video. Homeopathy presents a natural & safe alternative treatment for hair loss that may be caused due to several factors like hormonal imbalances, stress, debilitating diseases, loss of nutrients to hair roots and scalp and water. Homeopathic products are clinically proven to

Correct hormonal imbalances
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regulate body metabolism to assimilate nutrients

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Should the NHS fund homeopathy?

Should the NHS fund homeopathy?

BBC One 01 February 2015

Nicky Campbell presents the moral, ethical and religious discussion series comes live from Hutchesons’ Grammar School, Glasgow. With Dr Evan Harris, Ian M Scott from Glasgow Skeptics, Alexander M Gillies, Linda Woodhead, Dorothy Grace Elder and Dr Russell Malcolm.