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This homeopathy educational and non-profit website is a labour of love (and a work in progress) and was written and constructed by Simon King, a classical homeopath with over 18 years clinical experience. There are over 2000 pages (and growing) of information on how homeopathy works and how to effectively apply it. Contact me if you have specific questions about homeopathy not answered on this site. All information on this site is (currently) free to access.


Homeopathy works on real, live patients, not on test tubes. If you understand homeopathy, you’ll understand why.

That patients get better from homeopathy there is no doubt, the evidence is there in the patients themselves. The complaint so often presented though is that this is anecdotal evidence and therefore somehow not valid. I find it extraordinary that in a world where the majority entrust their very soul’s welfare to beliefs based on anecdotal evidence (religious and spiritual experiences and beliefs), the same majority will not allow anecdotal evidence for their medical welfare!

I really couldn’t care less whether homeopathy is ‘scientific’ or not, nor could I care less whether it can be repeated in test tubes. Bear in mind that those systems (‘scientific’, double blind trials etc.) are the same ones that condone those very drugs that you read about with fairly consistant frequency in the papers, which have been removed from service having been found to be more dangerous than beneficial, or to be worse than placebo (e.g. the recent report on antidepressants having no clinical benefit). All those drugs were sanctioned by exactly the same system that naysayers want to subject homeopathy to!

No matter how homeopathy works, what I do care passionately about is that people get to see it work and do not throw it away like an uncut diamond in the hands of a gardener, i.e. no value is seen in it because it doesn’t look like what we expect.

I care that people do not dismiss it out of hand purely because they cannot understand how it works, or because it does not fit into an understanding they already have of medicine; one which is limited by systems that are simply not applicable to homeopathy. Those very systems that people try to fit homeopathy into, are often the very reason why patients come to see homeopaths in the first place because it is those systems which have failed the patient, i.e. their doctors couldn’t do any thing for them, yet homeopaths often can and do.

If something so patently effective by its results (and so very safe) is dismissed by those who may have medical or social status but no expertise in the field of homeopathy, the losers are not only the patients but the countries’ health budgets. Homeopathy is extremely cheap compared to conventional Western medicine.

The arguements against homeopathy cannot be justified on the grounds that it doesn’t work.Those who have personally benefitted from or who have studied homeopathy will understand why such antagonism as appears in the media is entirely unjustified.

Instead of starting from the position that ‘homeopathy can’t work therefore it doesn’t’; why not take the position that ‘patients are cured when they go to see homeopaths so let’s investigate how this happens’?

Proof of the pudding?

It’s good to question, it’s OK to doubt, much better to explore, and really great to actually study:
– what is not good is blind dismissal from misconceptions and half formed lopsided arguments.

*New …- what is downright peurile is the recent media charades where the anti-homeopathy brigade swallowed whole bottles of ‘homeopathic’ remedies outside Boots the Chemists to demonstrate that there was ‘nothing’ in them: again underlining not only their ignorance ( it has nothing to do with ‘quantity’) but the silly lengths they will go to to persuade the public their opinion should be validated.

Homeopathy FAQ’s


Curing with similars

This is a similar idea to that of vaccinations; by providing the body with a ‘taster’ of the disease, it prompts the body to create resistance but unlike vaccinations, homeopathy is given not just as a preventative, but most often as a remedy to an existing condition.

When taking homeopathic medicine, you are effectively kick-starting your body into fighting the problem itself by giving your immune system the necessary information to do so. This gentle approach has many obvious advantages and is able to offer a response tailored to your specific symptoms.

What does curing with ‘similars’ mean?

.. it means using a substance that could cause a similar problem to cure the problem, e.g. in a condition where the skin had symptoms that looked and felt like a nettle sting even though it wasn’t (e.g. urticaria), Nettle might be used homeopathically because the effects of nettle are ‘similar’.

Why would this actually cure the ‘similar’ problem?

The genius of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, was to discover that when made susceptible by illness our bodies do indeed react to the homeopathic remedy as if it were actually causing a similar problem. Thus our system safely cures itself by this reaction, because the remedy it has been given is similar to the disease.

What does the medicine contain ?

Although there are thousands of different remedies, the carrier for them is usually the same, homeopathic medicines are usually in the form of small sugar pills. These sugar bases carry the individual prescribed remedy. This is created by potentising it; i.e. repeatedly diluting it down so that less than trace elements of the substance, which can be anything from an everyday plant to a rare mineral, remain. Fortunately, the body is naturally so sensitive when ill that it is able to respond to these otherwise undetectable amounts.

Is it safe ?

Although homeopathic medicines should be kept away from children and not taken unprescribed, it is impossible to suffer a toxic overdose. Homeopathy is equally safe for children, the elderly, seriously ill, even newly born babies, for this reason it is also particularly suitable for people who are in a very fragile state.

Giving a dose of the wrong remedy (i.e. an un-homeopathic remedy) does nothing because it is so dilute and unless it is similar (homeopathic) to the disease the body has no susceptability to it and therefore no reaction.

Homeopaths use specially prepared highly dilute (and therefore safe) substances called ‘potentised’ remedies.
It is safe because the remedy is so dilute that there is no possibility of a toxic reaction.

What ailments can it be used for ?

Homeopathy is a holistic system which can be extremely beneficial to a vast range of physical and emotional problems.

Examples include;

In theory there is no limit to what conditions homeopathy could treat; in practice it depends on the experience of the practitioner and also the laws in different countries limiting what can be treated.

While treatment for some problems is complex and requires detailed diagnosis and prescription by a qualified homeopath, there are many complaints for which homeopathic medicine can be simply, safely and effectively self-prescribed.. E.g remedies like Arnica (for bruises) are especially useful for a first aid box and can be purchased in most chemists.

What does treatment involve ?

Treatment should always be with a homeopath who is Registered with a member of CORH and who holds a recognised qualification.(depends on country). This ensures that he or she will have completed a 3 or 4 year professional course and be fully qualified and accredited to practice.

At your first appointment your homeopath will want to know about your past illnesses, even seemingly unrelated emotional or physical difficulties you have been experiencing, in addition to the details of the problem which has caused you to seek advice. From this, your homeopath will be able to build a detailed and personal picture of the possible causes, course and personality of your ailment and will subsequently prescribe your medicine.

It is usual that after taking the remedy for a specified amount of time, you report back to your homeopath who will then advise you on what next to take. Appointments are usually person to person but can be over the telephone (often useful for emergencies), sometimes even in your home should you be too ill to leave the house.

Does Homeopathy work?

If you know nothing about homeopathy it may a strange idea when first encountered – but it really does work

Homeopathy will work only if applied according to homeopathic principles, this is why it is so important to understand the basics of homeopathy and its difference to other forms of medicine before trying to use it.

What is ‘allopathy’?

Homeopathy is much more akin in its philosophy to that of Eastern medicine than it is to that of Western medicine, but in lieu of acupuncture, shiatzu, moxibustion etc , homeopathy uses its potentised remedies to stimulate the system to heal itself..

The principle of ‘similars’ contrasts with the principle of ‘opposites’ (allopathy) used by conventional Western medicine:

e.g. Western medicine uses something to prevent a skin condition by suppressing it with an agent (coal tar products, steroids based creams etc) that is an opposite to the problem, thus preventing the body’s reaction, whereas homeopathy uses something that could cause a similar condition, to get the body to react curatively itself, i.e. non-suppressive

होमियोपैथी से बढ़ाये जबरदस्त सैक्स पावर increase sex power through homeopathy

होमियोपैथी से बढ़ाये जबरदस्त सैक्स पावर increase sex power through homeopathy

Sex problem… homeopathy is best. होमियोपैथी से बढ़ाये सैक्स पावर



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Homeopathy Must Now Be Labeled As “No Evidence This Works”

Homeopathy Must Now Be Labeled As “No Evidence This Works”

–The Federal Trade Commission demands that producers of homeopathic treatments write on the labels that the product does not work


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About Homeopathy | Dr Batra’s® Presents Wonders of Homeopathy

About Homeopathy | Dr Batra’s® Presents Wonders of Homeopathy

Homeopathy, One of the most successful stream of Alternative medicines. Homeopathy has been growing steadily. Today more and more people are taking homeopathy medicines because of its effectiveness arising of out of it’s principle of Like cures Like. Homeopathy medicines are natural and without any side effects. Homeopathy medicines are Bespoke medicines, it has an individualistic principle where every individual is treated differently. It does not have a one size fits all medicine.
Today many European and Asian physicians and general practitioners are practicing Homeopathy.

CNN-IBN in Association with Dr Batra’s® presents ‘Wonders of Homeopathy’, this documentary aims to unravel the world of homeopathy, it’s advantages and clears the myths on this wonderful and effective medical science.

How to treat Piles in Homeopathy

How to treat Piles in Homeopathy

hemorrhoids or piles can be treated naturally without any surgical procedure . Homeopathy provides safe and effective treatment for piles without any side effects. In this video we talk about the tops 5 homeopathic herbs and specialty medicines to treat piles, fissures and hemorrhoids.These can be bought online on our website www.homeomart.com .

the top 5 herbs for piles and these are aesuculs hippocastanum.
Dr Reckweg germany R13 drops- Haemorrhiods or piles 10-15 drops 3 times daily.
Aesculus pentarkan from schwabe is indicated for Haemorrhiods, various and related problems.

Adelmar germany adel 2 apo-HAM drops are indicated for burning and bleeding piles.

FP tabs and ointment from SBL for fissure and Haemorrhiods 2 tablets 3 to a times a day.

Topi aesculus ointment from schwabe treats external and internal piles

What is Homeopathy?

What is Homeopathy?

Rajan Sankaran explains how homeopathy works and goes into detail about its ability to cure.

About Rajan Sankaran
Dr. Rajan Sankaran is a world famous homeopath. He is renowned for his groundbreaking ideas and for his visionary way of thinking in homeopathy. Whether it is in the domain of philosophy or materia medica his deep insights have profoundly affected the way many homeopaths think and practice today. Some of the radical ideas that Rajan has brought us include: searching for the central disturbance within the individual, expanding the concept and spectrum of miasmatic classification, and looking at situational materia medica. Most recently he has been exploring classification within the natural world and working with kingdoms and subkingdoms. Simultaneous to this is his search to find the ‘vital sensation’ in the case and his teaching of the ‘seven levels of experience’ within the human being. He is globally renowned as a clear and innovative thinker and is best known for his original and inspired concepts in homoeopathy. His ideas and lucid style make him very popular as a teacher amongst homoeopaths worldwide. His seminars and teaching courses have been widely attended internationally.
Rajan Sankaran is a homeopathic doctor and practices in Mumbai, he has been practicing homeopathy since 1981. He is the son of the homeopath Dr. P. Sankaran.

হোমিওপ্যাথি চিকিৎসা – Homeopathy Treatment Bangla

হোমিওপ্যাথি চিকিৎসা – Homeopathy Treatment Bangla

বাংলায় বিভিন্ন রোগের হোমিওপ্যাথিক চিকিৎসা সম্পর্কে জানতে এই অ্যাপটি ডাউনলোড করুনঃ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.latenightbirds.homeopathybangla

Bangla Homeopathy Treatment Android App Download.
Bangla Homeopathy ( হোমিওপ্যাথি)

allergy Homeopathy treatment, R U suffering form allergy, asthma & sinusitis

allergy Homeopathy treatment, R U suffering form allergy, asthma & sinusitis

homeopathy & allergy on DD MP by doordarhasn Indore
Dr AK Dwivedi, MD (homeopathy), Ph.D
Advanced Homoeo Health Center Indore Madhya Pradesh India
Best place for Hmeopathic treatment in central India
Homeopathy treatment for allergy & Asthma
50 millicimal Homeopathy is the fastest treatment for all kind of allergic disorders & asthma
at Indore Madhya Pradesh India

Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary about Homeopathy Treatment | Open Heart With RK | ABN Telugu

Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary about Homeopathy Treatment | Open Heart With RK | ABN Telugu

Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary In Open Heart With RK said that discipline and use of homeopathic medicines are the cause behind his activeness. He said how, he had options towards studying in MSc, engineering, BEd courses and finally, how he got the medical seats. He said he was interested in teaching too. He has also highlighted about his father’s sentiment on marriage.

Homeo Physician Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary talks exclusively to ABN Telugu in Open Heart With RK interview show with ABN MD Radha Krishna. Pavuluri Krishna has shared his experiences about his Homeo Career and personal life. He has also cited the difference between Allopathy and Homeopathy.

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